Rich Hagon – Ep 212

Rich Hagon

Rich Hagon

I’m speaking with Rich Hagon, commentator and host of official Magic coverage. Rich has a background in performance art and broadcasting. Rich tells us about how he got started doing coverage, all the way back in the day for Pro Tour Kuala Lampur.

Rich has grown as a commentator and also Magic coverage has grown into what we see today.

I caught up with Rich last year right before PAX 2016 and the World Championships.

Go say hi to Rich on Twitter @MTGRich

Rich is also streaming at

Wanna listen to my interviews with Kenji and Chris Van-Meter that Rich talked about?

Check them out here:

Kenji Egashira, streamer extraordinaire Numot the Nummy

Chris Van-Meter, CVM the Bread Master

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Rich talked about finding a wide variety of Magic content online.

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I hope everyone is enjoying Season 2.

This is part 2 of my 4 part series with the coverage team.

The last episode of KTM featured Marshall Sutcliffe where he opened boosters of Modern Masters 2015.

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