Chris VanMeter – Episode 16

In this episode, I’m talking to the beard master, Chris VanMeter. Chris is not only a strong competitor in Magic, he’s also an avid teacher, writer and commentator.

Chris VanMeter

Chris VanMeter, beard collage, oh yeah, and some trophies too…

Chris is an analytical thinker of the game and has a math and computer science background. He enjoys thinking about Magic from a game design perspective and hopes to one day have a part in designing Magic: The Gathering.

CVM also streams on Twitch and does box openings with his wife Nicole (Fun fact: CVM proposed to Nicole on stream!)

I really enjoyed sitting down with Chris to record this a few months back. Special thanks for Card Kingdom for allowing us a quiet space to record in the Red Room.

Please enjoy my conversation with Chris VanMeter.

– Sam

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Thanks so much for listening!


Chris VanMeter on Twitter @Chris_VanMeter

The CVM Twitch Stream

CVM is on Card Hoarder Team Prime

Links for Card Kingdom:

Watch some sweet Legacy action the Card Kingdom’s Twitch stream. not only sells Magic singles, they also buy them. And in the Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House retail stores, there are tons of sweet table top games.

Give them a call if you and your group of friends wanna play games in their luxurious private rooms. Click on the links to see photos of the rooms.

Cafe Mox has the Red Room (where the podcast was recorded) and the Green Room.

Mox Boarding House has the Apothecary, the Library, and the Speakeasy.


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