Josh Monks – Episode 17

In this episode, I’m talking to Josh Monks, a local Seattle player with a passion for commentary and a wide range of knowledge about different decks of the Legacy format.

Josh Monks commentating at Mox Boarding House

Josh Monks commentating at Mox Boarding House

Josh shares with us about he got into commentary and how that contributes to his learning of the game.

Josh really cares about the game and the community and commentates on Card Kingdom’s weekly Legacy stream.

We also go over some great tips on how to improve. I hope you enjoy this episode with Josh Monks!

– Sam

Links for Card Kingdom:

Watch some sweet Legacy action the Card Kingdom’s Twitch stream. not only sells Magic singles, they also buy them. And in the Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House retail stores, there are tons of sweet table top games.

If you liked some of the music in the episode, please check out and support these artists. Special thanks to Needle Drop Co. in Portland Oregon for allowing us to sample these tracks under the Creative Commons license.

Music Credits: (in order of appearance)

Minden – Gold Standard
Minden – Something Small
Minden – Big Because

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