Brian Weissman – Ep 215

Brian Weissman with a handful of black boarded Mox...and a Black Lotus....

Brian Weissman with a handful of black boarded Mox…and a Black Lotus….

In this episode, I’m speaking with Brian Weissman, former Pro Player known for his creation of The Deck. The Deck focuses on an attrition plan to brutally control your opponent while swinging in with big creatures like Serra Angel, Juggernaut, and Juzam Djinn.

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Brian Rowe – Episode 11

In this episode, I’m talking to Brian Rowe, host of the YouTube Channel Mythic MTG Tech. Brian is a wealth of knowledge and knows so much about the the game, the cards, the finances, strategy, the list goes on and on. But what’s most important is Brian’s passion for building community within Magic: The Gathering.

Brian Rowe

Brian Rowe with Brainstorm

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