Randy Buehler – Ep 214

Randy Buehler

Randy Buehler, Hall of Famer

In this episode, I’m speaking with Randy Buehler, Hall of Famer and former Vice President of Digital Gaming at Wizards of the Coast for Magic: The Gathering. Randy has made a significant impact on Magic, not only as a pro player, but also developing the game at R&D.

Randy worked on Invasions and Odyssey, to name a few.

Randy also has a long history on the commentary team.

Though Randy recently retired from commentary, he still has an influential role in the community with Vintage Super League, Community Super League, and his streams on Twitch.

I sat down with Randy last fall, I hope you enjoy my interview with the one and only, Randy Buehler.

Say hi to Randy on Twitter @RBuehler

Randy's amazing MTG collection

Randy’s amazing MTG collection

Watch Vintage Super League at Twitch.tv/randybuehler

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This episode of Kitchen Table Magic is brought to you by Paragon City Games.

Paragon City Games

Paragon City Games

Randy Buehler talked about playing his first Magic tournament in a bee keepers warehouse.

There were cases of honey and beside them, Magic singles.

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Thanks everyone for listening to this week’s show.

Randy Buehler finished up my 4 part series with the legendary Magic coverage team.

Season 2 has been all about the origins of the community.

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