Brian Weissman – Ep 215

Brian Weissman with a handful of black boarded Mox...and a Black Lotus....

Brian Weissman with a handful of black boarded Mox…and a Black Lotus….

In this episode, I’m speaking with Brian Weissman, former Pro Player known for his creation of The Deck. The Deck focuses on an attrition plan to brutally control your opponent while swinging in with big creatures like Serra Angel, Juggernaut, and Juzam Djinn.

Brian’s innovations in deck tech blossomed into what we now know as the “control” archetype and the concept we know as “card advantage”. For a while The Deck was unbeatable and evolved to combat new threats like Necropotence.

Brian’s been playing EDH on Magic Online and he posts his videos with commentary on his YouTube channel. Brian also has a massive collection of Beta Power. So if you wanna see a handful of black bordered Moxen, head on over to

I sat down with Brian last fall, I hope you enjoy my interview with legendary Brian Weissman.

Watch Brian’s 1v1 EDH matches on YouTube

Read the comprehensive write up on The Deck at


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