Brian David-Marshall – Ep 213

Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall

I’m speaking with Brian David-Marshall, official commentator and Pro Tour Historian of Magic: The Gathering. BDM started his career in comics. And eventually opened the famed game store Neutral Ground.

BDM give us a rare glimpse into the early days of Magic, when it exploded in popularity back in 1994 and 1995. BDM tells us about coverage today and also an interesting tale two Enter The Battlefield movies.

I caught up with BDM last year right before PAX 2016.

The next time you’re at a tournament and there are side events, you now know who to thank. BDM!

Go say hi to BDM on Twitter @Top8Games

Check out this old flyer for a Magic tournament in NYC.

Check out this old flyer for a Magic tournament in NYC.

I hope you enjoy my wonderful conversation with the legendary Brian David-Marshall!

Update 4/19/17: Chris Pikula’s signed Meddling Mage from Neutral Ground was found on Twitter from Ian @Ian18125

And Chris Pikula himself confirmed it!


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Paragon City Games

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Thanks everyone for listening to this week’s show.

This was part 3 of my 4 part series with the legendary Magic coverage team.

If you heard my episode with Marshall Sutcliffe, we spoke about Marshall’s favorite marinara sauce.

When I sat down with BDM, he gave me the super secret recipe.

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