Kenji Egashira – Episode 8

Kenji Egashira, also known as Numot the Nummy has a popular stream on Twitch that has earned him a lot of fans and in the process, Kenji has become one of the best limited players in the MTG community. Kenji has also done coverage for the Magic Online Championship Series and played in Community Super League and Streamer Showdown events hosted by Wizards. Kenji shares how he got started streaming and a little of what he does in his downtime. I really enjoyed talking with Kenji, I hope you enjoy this episode of Kitchen Table Magic.

Welcome to the Num Num Dum Dum Sub Club

Kenji’s Twitch Stream, Numot the Nummy

Kenji talks about when he started playing Magic and how he got into streaming. Kenji explains why playing on MTGO has been a level up moment for him. He also shares some wisdom about staying active and tournament preparation. (Spoiler alert: Byes are important for a GP).

I hope you enjoy the episode with Kenji Egashira!

– Sam


Watch Numot the Nummy on Twitch

Kenji’s YouTube channel with old vids and musical covers

Go say hi to Kenji on Twitter @NumotTheNummy

Kenji’s Numot Gaming

If you liked some of the music in the episode, please check out and support these artists. Special thanks to Needle Drop Co. in Portland Oregon for allowing us to sample these tracks under the Creative Commons license.

Music Credits: (in order of appearance)

David Szesztay – Through the City
Minden – Big Because
Jahzzar – Siesta

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