Magic Art Show – Please support the Kickstarter

Magic Art Show

Support the Magic Art Show on Kickstarter!It’s produced by Vorthos Mike, Josh Krause of Original Magic Art, Rico Evangelho of Cardamajigs (@cardamajigs), and Brian Walters (@propsofprophecy).

They plan to put on a full Magic: The Gathering art exhibit featuring original paintings, sculptures, drawings, concept art, and more at GP Vegas.

It’s going to feature the planes of Ravnica, Innistrad, Mirrodin, and Amonkhet.

This is also the first event of what we hope to become a mainstay at Grand Prixs moving forward.

Magic Art Show also aims to prevent original art from disappearing into the shadow. Let’s keep Original Magic: The Gathering art in the light with this amazing exhibit.

Check out the Kickstarter rewards at and support the show with a few bucks.

It’s planning to be at GP Vegas June 14-18 2017 and they need your help.

Go say hi to @VorthosMike and @MagicArtShow on Twitter.

Headed to GP Vegas? Support the Magic Art Show on Kickstarter.

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