Marshall Sutcliffe – Ep 211

Marshall Sutcliffe

Marshall Sutcliffe

I’m hanging out with Marshall Sutcliffe, creator and host of Magic’s most popular podcast Limited Resources. Marshall is also the play-by-play commentator and host of premier Magic: The Gathering tournaments such as the Grand Prix, Pro Tour and the Magic World Championships.

Marshall talks about his thoughts on the game and what he hopes to create in the future. Also! I brought a few packs for Marshall to crack open in true Limited Resources style. This is a fantastic episode, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Marshall Sutcliffe.

To the content creators out there, remember what Marshall said, if you have an idea and you want to make something for the community, now is a great timing with the boom of Magic: The Gathering.

You may find Marshall online at, on twitter @Marshall_LR.

Limited Resources is also on YouTube, and, be on the lookout for Marshall’s new video content he’s working on. I’m excited for it to be released in the near future!

This episode of Kitchen Table Magic is brought to you by Paragon City Games.

Paragon City Games

Paragon City Games

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Win a box of Modern Masters 2017

Win a box of Modern Masters 2017, sponsored by Paragon City Games

Marshall talked about the importance of being compassionate to each other in the community so that people will feel included to come out and play Magic. Paragon City Games works really hard to create that great kind of environment.

That’s why they have stellar reviews and a rapidly growing fan base.

I’m grateful that Paragon City Games has decided to stand tall as a leader in their community.

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Is everyone enjoying Season 2 so far? I’m really excited for all the amazingness that’s to come!

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I have in front of my 8 signed cards by Marshall from our crack a pack, that Marshall would have drafted.

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