Brian Rowe – Episode 11

In this episode, I’m talking to Brian Rowe, host of the YouTube Channel Mythic MTG Tech. Brian is a wealth of knowledge and knows so much about the the game, the cards, the finances, strategy, the list goes on and on. But what’s most important is Brian’s passion for building community within Magic: The Gathering.

Brian Rowe

Brian Rowe with Brainstorm

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Gerry Thompson – Episode 10

I’m talking to pro player Gerry Thompson. Recently, Gerry became the first to go undefeated in the swiss rounds of an SCG  Open during SCG Open Atlanta June 2016. He’s been in the pro scene since 2003 with a Pro Tour top 8 and two Grand Prix wins to his name. Gerry is also consistently at the top of the SCG Tour leaderboards.

Gerry Thompson

Gerry Thompson on the SCG Tour

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Kenji Egashira – Episode 8

Kenji Egashira, also known as Numot the Nummy has a popular stream on Twitch that has earned him a lot of fans and in the process, Kenji has become one of the best limited players in the MTG community. Kenji has also done coverage for the Magic Online Championship Series and played in Community Super League and Streamer Showdown events hosted by Wizards. Kenji shares how he got started streaming and a little of what he does in his downtime. I really enjoyed talking with Kenji, I hope you enjoy this episode of Kitchen Table Magic.

Welcome to the Num Num Dum Dum Sub Club

Kenji’s Twitch Stream, Numot the Nummy

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Wedge from The Mana Source – Episode 4


Wedge from The Mana Source

Wedge from The Mana Source

I’m so happy that Wedge from The Mana Source is joining us for Episode 4 of Kitchen Table Magic. Wedge is such a generous person. His abundance of heart and positivity is what makes his videos so fun to watch. I’m so grateful that Wedge is part of our MTG community. Recently, Wedge raised $41,314 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital’s #PLAYLIVE fundraiser and got to #5 in the leader board for Top Individuals. Wow!

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