Adam Yurchick – Episode 3

Adam Yurchick

Adam Yurchick

Adam is a longtime pro Magic player. He’s been grinding away from back in the Junior Super Series and has since competed in a 26 Pro Tours and countless GPs. In this episode, Adam shares his sage wisdom with us about practicing the game, tournament prep, playing to win and mental heuristics.

Adam is a prolific writer on TCG Player and Quiet Speculation. He’s also one of the coaches in the Pro Magic training group, Magic Mastermind team on Facebook. So if you want coaching from someone who has 165 pro points, Adam’s your guy! (Btw, I keep checking back to how many Pro Points Adam has and it keeps going up.)



Say hi to Adam on Twitter @AdamYurchick

Magic Mastermind group on Facebook

Adam’s articles on TCG Player

Sneak peek of the guest:

Guest Episode 3


If you liked some of the music in the episode, please check out and support these artists. Special thanks to Needle Drop Co. in Portland Oregon for allowing us to sample these tracks under the Creative Commons license.

Music Credits: (in order of appearance)

Jahzzar – Siesta
Minden – Big Because
Minden – Gold Standard
Broke For Free – Things to Come
YEYEY – Wild Things

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