Kris Ferderer – Episode 5

Yay! Local Seattle judge that’s known and adored by many, Kris Ferderer joins me on this episode of Kitchen Table Magic. I’ve known Kris for years and it was his warm and welcoming demeanor that made playing in the local Seattle scene so much fun.

Kris talks about how he became a judge and also shares some antics with judge calls.

Kris is now a card grader at Card Kingdom and lots of cool cards flow through his desk.

We also talk about Kris’ Twitch stream where he plays sweet video games at Superfluous Rhetoric. The games that Kris chooses to play are fantastic titles. And, he’s very entertaining to watch.

Go say hi to Kris on Twitter @FrisKerderer

Watch is past broadcasts on YouTube

Watch him cast some Legacy at the Card Kingdom Twitch stream

And if you’re at an event go say hi in person!

I hope you enjoy this episode of Kitchen Table Magic!

– Sam


If you liked some of the music in the episode, please check out and support these artists. Special thanks to Needle Drop Co. in Portland Oregon for allowing us to sample these tracks under the Creative Commons license.

Music Credits: (in order of appearance)

Jahzzar – Siesta
Broke For Free – Summer Spliffs
YEYEY – Lonely Lovely

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