Gerry Thompson – Episode 10

I’m talking to pro player Gerry Thompson. Recently, Gerry became the first to go undefeated in the swiss rounds of an SCG  Open during SCG Open Atlanta June 2016. He’s been in the pro scene since 2003 with a Pro Tour top 8 and two Grand Prix wins to his name. Gerry is also consistently at the top of the SCG Tour leaderboards.

Gerry Thompson

Gerry Thompson on the SCG Tour

Gerry is an active writer for Star City as he shares weekly knowledge with video deck techs and articles. In this interview, Gerry shares how he got started and imparts some words of wisdom about how to improve. I hope you enjoy this episode of Kitchen Table Magic with Gerry Thompson.

Gerry Thompson Human Token

Gerry Thompson Human Token, Copyright Star City Games, Art by Kristen Plescow


Go bother Gerry on Twitter! @G3RRYT

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If you liked some of the music in the episode, please check out and support these artists. Special thanks to Needle Drop Co. in Portland Oregon for allowing us to sample these tracks under the Creative Commons license.

Music Credits: (in order of appearance)

YEYEY – Wild Things
YEYEY – Ghost Suit
Jahzzar – Siesta

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