Eric Klug – Ep 218

Eric Klug's Nouveau Power

Eric Klug’s Nouveau Power

In this episode, I’m speaking with Eric Klug, the Magic community’s foremost alter artist. Eric paints amazing alters, in the style of classical art such as Hieronymus Bosch and Alphonse Mucha. Eric has also reproduced art in the style of Terese Nielsen’s Guru Lands, and has a wide range including popular motifs from Miyazaki to Marvel comics.

Eric tells us how he got starting painting alters and what this art means to him. Eric also has a great love of Cubes and we talk a bit about it as well.

Go say hi to Eric on Twitter @klug_alters

Go check out images of Eric’s art at

Klug Alters on Blogspot

And if you want to have Eric alter a card for you, be sure to email him:

I hope you enjoy my interview with the multi-talented, Eric Klug!


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