Jimmy Wong – Ep 217

In this episode, I’m interviewing Jimmy Wong, actor, musician, YouTube personality and co-host of The Command Zone with Josh Lee Kwai. Every week, Jimmy and Josh share gameplay strategy, deck building tips, and set reviews for Magic: The Gathering.

Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai on The Command Zone

Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai on The Command Zone


The Command Zone focuses primarily on the Commander format, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander, or EDH.

Jimmy also co-starred in the hit YouTube series Video Game High School and is the co-host of another popular show, Feast of Fiction.

I ask Jimmy about how he got started playing Magic and the other content that he creates.

Go say hi to Jimmy on Twitter @jfwong
Follow The Command Zone @CommandCast

Watch The Command Zone on YouTube

Jimmy and Josh do a great job making their videos and producing their content.

They’ve been pillars of the community to help bring new players into Magic: The Gathering. I’m grateful for their contributions to our community.

And if you’re someone who is new to MTG, I welcome you and I’m so happy you’re here.

I hope you enjoy my interview with the talented Jimmy Wong!


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Paragon City Games

Paragon City Games

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