Erin Campbell – Ep 202

Erin Campbell

It’s Erin Campbell of the Girlfriend Bracket and Magic Mics!

In this episode, I’m talking to Erin Campbell, co-host of the Girlfriend Bracket and Magic Mics. Her edgy and upbeat point of view creates entertaining and hilarious shows.

Erin fosters inclusivity in our community and is a role model for women and trans women.

Along with her co-hosts Katie @MeanMugger, Kriz @tehKriz, and Hallie @halcasan they have reclaimed the term the Girl Friend Bracket, which used to mean the back tables at an event.

We talk about all this and more…

Erin's altered Ad Nauseum

Erin’s altered Ad Nauseum

Alter by Revelen’s Light, signed by Jeremy Jarvis

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Twitter @ktmpodcast


The Girlfriend Bracket with Erin @OriginalOestrus, Katie @MeanMugger, Kriz @tehKriz, and Hallie @halcasan

Magic Mics with Evan Erwin, Rueben Bresler, and Erin Campbell.

Another great podcast, MTG Pro Tutor with Shaun Penrod.

Listen to Wedge call me out about WUBRG.

Listen to the Season 1, Episode 4 with Wedge from The Mana Source.

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