Tim Shields – Ep 201

Cascade Games

Cascade Games

Welcome to Kitchen Table Magic! A storytelling podcast featuring the amazing people of the Magic The Gathering community.
I’m your host, Sam Tang. Join me and my guests as we share stories about what MTG means to us. How we got started playing Magic. The ups, and down, the hilarious stories and everything in between.

This is the Season 2 premier! And there’s ton of amazing people this season and I’m super stoked to be sharing their stories with you!

In this episode, I’m talking to Tim Shields, tournament organizer and founder of Cascade Games.

Tim and his crew put on a myriad of different large scale events, such as comic cons, MTG Grand Prixs, events for PAX as well as Dreamhack.
As a community, we don’t get to hear from Tournament Organizers very often, so I’m very grateful that Tim was able to find time during his busy schedule to share his stories with us.

Special thanks to Liz for setting up the interview. And special thanks Kris Ferderer for suggesting that I go talk to Tim.
For more information about Cascade Games’ upcoming events, go to CascadeGames.com
Also, check out DreamHack 2017 in Austin, where a $10,000 Magic battle is going to take place.

Well everyone, I am so happy you’re here for Season 2.
If you’re a new listener, check out Season 1. There are 22 episodes featuring many of your favorite pros and community leaders.
There’s 2016 World Champion Brian Braun-Duin.
Nathan Holt of Enter the Battlefield and Walking the Planes.
Streamer Numot the Nummy, Kenji Egashira.
Meddling Mage, Chris Pikula.
Crackgate guy, Sid Blair.
And from Wizards of the Coast, Helene Bergeot and Mark Rosewater.
And for Season 2, I’ve released some promos featuring Erin Campbell, Cedric Phillips, Rich Hagon, Brian David Marshall and Randy Buehler.
As always, I make this show for you the listener, so let me know what you think.

Email me: sam@kitchentablemagic.org
Twitter @ktmpodcast


Cascade Games will be running a $10,000 Magic tournament at DreamHack Austin April 28 – 30. The main event is on Sunday at 9pm.

Wizards GP Vegas 2013 infographic

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