Cedric Phillips – Ep 203

Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan

Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan

In this episode, I’m talking to Cedric Phillips, Media Manager for Star City Games.com, commentator, and host. Cedric is a longtime pro, commentator, and writer of strategic Magic content at Star City Games.

Cedric is a showman. His passion and dedication sports entertainment shows up in his professional delivery of his Magic commentary.

Cedric shares with us how he started playing Magic and what he hopes to see in the future of Magic broadcasting.

He also talks about his friendship with Gerry Thompson and Patrick Sullivan.

I had a great time hangin out back in the fall of 2016.

Special Thanks to Gerry Thompson for putting in a good word with Cedric at GP Portland last year.

Also! If you’re a new listener to the show, go back and listen to my interview with Gerry Thompson in Season 1 episode 10, where he shares a funny story playing Magic with Cedric.

So listeners! How is Season 2 going so far?

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