Shaun Penrod – Ep 208

Shaun Pendod, Creator and Host of MTG Pro

Shaun Pendod, Creator and Host of MTG Pro

MTG Pro Tutor

MTG Pro Tutor

In this episode, I’m Shaun Penrod, creator and host of MTG Pro Tutor. Shaun is dedicated to distilling down all the best tips from the pros and sharing them with the community with a goal of sending 1000 players to the Pro Tour.

Shaun has over 180 episodes where he interviews elite Magic players like Patrick Chapin, Jon Finkle, Conley Woods, Paul Rietzl, Ari Lax, Michael Majors, pascal Maynard, Reid Duke, and the list goes on and on.

Shaun shares his favorite tips for getting better at Magic

And cultivating a mindset for success, both in life and in MTG.

Check out the MTG Pro Tutor podcast. Show notes for each of Shaun’s interviews are at

Shaun and MTG Pro Tutor is also on and Twitter @ShaunPenrod.

Tips from Shaun:

1) Paul Reitzel said, nutrition, water, and exercise.

2) Luck, and not blaming it. Identify what you can do better. Mulligan, deck selection. Sometimes your opponent just top decks what they need.

3) Playing people who are better than you.

Check out Shaun’s Deck Building Master Class where you’ll learn the evergreen skills to take your game to the next level. The course starts Friday March 24th!


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RPG Set Die Hard Metal Dice in Raw Steel, Red

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Giveaway RPG Set Raw Steel in red

Giveaway RPG Set Raw Steel in red

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My guests and I are bringing you never before told stories. Memories from the past. Meaningful insight. And a connectedness through the medium of this audio show.

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