Brad Rutherford – Ep 205

Brad Rutherford, L2 Judge

Brad Rutherford, L2 Judge

In this episode, I’m Brad Rutherford, local Seattle Judge and skilled pilot of the modern deck Abzan Company. Brad not only won a Star City Games 5k with it, he won the admiration of Magic players around the world with this fun and challenging deck.

Brad has played in over 1000 sanctioned games of Magic, and has logged over 400 with Abzan Company with a 70% win rate.

When Brad’s not crushing newbs like met at local events, he’s judging as an L2.

Brad cares deeply about the community and contributes in every way he can.

Whenever I’ve seen Brad judging at GP or a PPTQ, he’s giving it his all.

I hope you enjoy my snack time deck tech with Brad Rutherford!


Brad’s Abzan Company primer

Ari Lax features Brad’s deck on Star City


Thanks for joining me and Brad for snack time.


*crunch crunch* Magic Fish Crackers!

*crunch crunch* Magic Fish Crackers!

Thanks to all the listeners for making it through our snack time with us chewing in your ear.

And I didn’t do any audio editing magic on those crunching sounds. They were real.

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For everyone that becomes a Patreon supporter this week, I’m going to send you a bag of those spicy fish crackers, so you can munch along while listening to Kitchen Table Magic.

Really! I am going to send you a bag of those Magical Fish Crackers.

Also, an update on the tokens. I have found a token I’d like to make for you.

I’m working on them and I’ll be keeping you updated as I can. I know you’ll love them.

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You may or may not have heard, but last weekend premier Magic cosplayer Christine Sprankle made a video asking the community for help.

I auctioned off a NM Force of Will from Alliances that I’ve been saving to benefit her. We raised $100!

I want to thank the winning bidder, Michelle for your amazing generosity. The Force of Will has been meticulously packed by yours truly and is on your way in the mail.

Also shout out to Joakim (yo-ah-kim) and Xemit Sells Magic for also bidding.

A big thank you to everyone that helped boost the signal with their likes, shares and retweets of the auction.

If you’re a fan of Christine, listen to my interview with her back in season 1, episode 2.

I was and still am very honored that she allowed me to interview her for the show.

And if you’re interested in supporting Christine’s amazing cosplay, please head on over to


Thanks to everyone for tuning in to this week’s show!

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