What’s going on right Now


Phew! Season 2 finale will be released next week. I’m also doing a big work project this next week. GP Vegas going on this week. Magic announcement week also happening this week. It seems to be a big week.

I’m now planning for Season 3. Please support KTM on Patreon.com/KitchenTableMagic and you’ll get early access to Season 3 and help me with the direction of the show moving forward.




Whoa it’s been a busy past few months!

I’ve been hard at work planning for Season 3. Since April, the show has been picked up for sponsorship by Card Kingdom and Paragon City Games.

Card Kingdom is an international online retailer of Magic: The Gathering singles and sealed product, as well as gaming accessories and tabletop games. They also have two retail locations in the greater Seattle metro area called Mox Boarding House. They serve delish food and have local events. I frequent Mox Boarding House Bellevue, so if you’re ever there and you see a guy with dashing good hair, tap him on the shoulder, it’s probably me. And if it’s not, tell that person to listen to KTM 😛

Paragon City Games is an up-and-coming game store in Draper Utah. They are building a stellar community of players. My buddy Brian is one of the partners there they have a huge selection of Magic singles and these amazing hand crafted accessories. They have Die Hard Metal Dice and these amazing wooden deck boxes.

If you’re enjoying the show, please support KTM on Patreon.com/KitchenTableMagic.

Like I said, I’m planning for Season 3 and I’d like to keep pushing myself to create meaningful content. Thanks for being here!


Psst! Can you help me with something?

I’m not sure how many ppl read this and I’d like to take a head count. If you read this, send me a tweet, a fb comment, or email with just the words “Goblin Balloon Brigade“. It’ll tell me what you’re here. Thx!

– Sam