What’s going on right Now


Learned a lot this week about how to do a giveaway. Apparently, I need to put less text in my giveaway image. Who knew?!

Anyhoos, I’m now getting the Patreon page together! Boy, it’s like a minigame inside a minigame. In order to have a podcast, I also need to produce content that goes into a Patreon page and other things. Nope, I’m not whining here, I’m just fascinated by all of the Easter eggs of content that I can bury in random places.

I’ve been very grateful to be connecting with other content creators and listening to what they have to share about the Magic community. I’m constantly floored by their generosity and boundless courage. It inspires me to do more and give more to the Magic community.




I’ve got a lot of cool things in store for the podcast. (I can’t say now, but I will reveal them soon!) I’ve been trying to finish episodes ahead of time and I’m almost there! Some very cool episodes are coming up.

Also, I’m preparing to start producing video content. Yep you heard correct, video content. The goal is to keep on telling a compelling story in the medium that the community can enjoy. And I think some video content will be fun. I have my own style of visuals that are obviously not translated in an audio format. So I’ll be working on that from this point on. I hope to bring you videos soon.

I’m not quite ready yet to be releasing videos, and I need your help. Please become a supporter on Patreon.com/KitchenTableMagic.

Your support directly contributes to producing the show. True story: I now have 1.5 modern decks to play Magic with… that’s because I keep selling my cards to fund this podcast. I’m sure you’ve heard me say, “I play Jund….blah blah blah” in episodes. And I hope to not be saying “I watch ppl play Magic”….blah blah blah” in my future shows. LOL

So yeah your contribution really goes into making Kitchen Table Magic a tangible reality. Thanks so much for listening to the show, and also, thanks so much for reading this Now Now Now page.

Psst! Can you help me with something?

I’m not sure how many ppl read this and I’d like to take a head count. If you read this, send me a tweet, a fb comment, or email with just the words “Goblin Balloon Brigade“. It’ll tell me what you’re here. Thx!

– Sam