MTG Crossword Puzzle for MTGZzz

Missing GP Vegas? Not to worry! @GemOfMagic helped organize #MTGZzz, the fun event on Twitter where you can hang out with all of us that aren’t going to GP Vegas!

Have fun with this MTG Community Crossword Puzzle I made! Send in your answers to and I’ll send you nifty signed cards from my personal collection.

Note: there are no symbols or punctuation in the answers of the clues. The puzzle highlights the people of the MTG community, content creators, pros, etc. gl hf!

Click on the image for high resolution:

Clues will be revealed 2 pm Vegas time (PST) on Friday 6/16/17. Follow @GemOfMagic and @KTMPodcast for details.


2 They’ve interviewed over 200 top 8 competitors to bring listeners tips and advice on how to improve.

3 [Blank] or Treat! It’s the Global Community Manager for Wizards.

4 Restores power with classical art alters.

8 Former pro player, now Magic designer. Fell down a volcano once.

10 Want to see something shiny? Follow this “guy” on Twitter.

15 Wanting to teach people how to play Magic and grow friendly welcoming environment for all players, this person founded the Lady Planeswalker Society.

16 Former creative designer for Magic and cosplayer, this person hopes we enjoy “future unnamed product”.

17 Avatar of Hope, Will, Woe, Fury, and Might.

19 Howzit everyone! This person is the director and producer of the Game Knights video series.

20 Nissa, Nahiri, Burning Tree Emissary cosplay.

22 Magic streamer, Merfolk pilot, social eater, and co-host of the Married to the Game podcast.

23 L2 Judge, Schnauzer parent, co-host of the Girlfriend Bracket.

26 Mom? Is that you? Pua Nalaar cosplay. Godly Oketra cosplay.

27 Plays White Weenie better than you.

30 Narrative designer for Magic. Has been releasing story detailing the events leading up to Hour of Devastation.

31 Not a fan of Burn, but quite a fan of Dredge. Co-host of the Girlfriend Bracket and Magic Mics.

36 Makes beautiful art even more beautiful with masterful videos.

37 The photogenic dog of an equally photogenic Hall of Famer.

39 Beard power. Pug parent. Pro player.

40 Devoted Cavs fan. WWE guru. Commentator on the SCG Tour.

42 One serious grinder. Once got all of his stuff stolen while at a tournament. Triumphed in life to become the Worlds 2016 Champion.

43 Magic streamer, writer for SCG, competitor on the SCG Tour. Made money selling Yugiyoh before finding Magic.

44 Members of the Peach Garden Oath. First names in alphabetical order.

45 I would say it’s a pretty modern podcast hosted by the talented Ben Bateman and Alex Kessler.

46 Host of a podcast that tells the stories about the people of the MTG community. Also happen to have made this crossword puzzle.

48 Poker player, Magic streamer, co-host of Magic Mics.

53 Shaved their head for charity. Best known for “Worst Cards Ever” video series.

54 YouTuber on the couch, sometimes with a cat.

58 Runs a wayward home for playmats, co-host of the Girlfriend Bracket.

59 Smooth baritone highly recognizable voice of MTG coverage.

61 Allowed to make dad jokes now that he’s a dad. Loves puns. Hall of Famer.

64 This Quiet Fish is a strategy writer and regular competitor on the SCG Tour.

65 GP’s just aren’t the same without her.

66 Producer for the Vintage and Team Draft Super Leagues. Co-host of Married to the Game.

67 Magic streamer, lover of sneks, and member of the coverage team.

69 This innovative Hall of Famer will Jedi mind trick you, after they finish their fried chicken of course.

70 Plays Chandra in My Roomate the Planeswalker. Co-host of Magic: The Amateuring.

71 Got turned into Warhol pop art after being surprised by on air f-bombs.

72 The community’s nickname for crab type creatures.

73 Aren’t you Elspeth? Look, that’s Avacyn! Chandra’s on stage! It’s Liliana!


1 Actor, musician, YouTube star, game show host, co-host of the Command Zone.

2 Deathrite Shaman, Liliana of the Veil, Monastery Swiftspear.

5 Curator for the Magic Art Show. Seems to enjoy lore.

6 Artist of many lands, including Unhinged full art basics.

7 Will be eating a banana as a performance piece for stretch goals of the Magic Art Show.

9 Singer, performer, MTG coverage. First time on camera at PT Kuala Lumpur.

11 Risked their collar bone to bring us video reviews of deck boxes.

12 Community and Content Manager at Card Kingdom. Has a corgi that I #wouldPet. Co-host of the Girlfriend Bracket.

13 The Mage that Meddles.

14 Creature type that trashes your kitchen and then goes foraging in the forest.

18 Priest of Titania, Bitterblossom, Defense of the Heart.

20 Cube enthusiast, a “Jenny in an ocean of Spikes”.

21 A pretty good poker player with two WSOP bracelets. Hall of Famer.

24 MTG’s very own comic strip.

25 Force of Will, Enter the Infinite, Eternal Witness.

28 The “G” in the GAM podcast. Pro player.

29 First woman to top 8 a PT. Member of the Magic Play Design team.

32 Chandra, Narset, Leovold.

33 Need a Daily MTG Update? Follow this person.

34 Has more Emmys than you. Co-host of Magic: The Amateuring.

35 Magic streamer, co-host of Married to the Game, hangs out with Hamrakul and Uladog on stream.

38 Plays Burn better than you. Commentator on the SCG Tour.

41 This creepy guy enjoys talking about MTG finance and floppy tacos.

47 #MTGZzz is for ppl not at this event.

49 It’s a spice derived from Crocus Sativus. It’s a small tree fruit! It’s…

50 Beloved potted plant. Host of Channel Fireball’s Magic TV.

51 Host of the Vintage and Team Draft Super Leagues. Hall of Famer.

52 I’m pulling out of the driveway! You know what that means!

55 Flavor writer, MTG mom, Liliana cosplay.

56 The wonderful community member that organized #MTGZzz.

57 This little dude is totally lost.

60 Señor Naranja.

62 This flavor text writer invites you a Magic Banquet.

63 The official food of #MTGZzz.

68 Win a major event with this card and user jobs141910 will give you $40k.