Brian Weissman – Ep 215

Brian Weissman with a handful of black boarded Mox...and a Black Lotus....

Brian Weissman with a handful of black boarded Mox…and a Black Lotus….

In this episode, I’m speaking with Brian Weissman, former Pro Player known for his creation of The Deck. The Deck focuses on an attrition plan to brutally control your opponent while swinging in with big creatures like Serra Angel, Juggernaut, and Juzam Djinn.

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Magic Art Show – Please support the Kickstarter

Magic Art Show

Support the Magic Art Show on Kickstarter!It’s produced by Vorthos Mike, Josh Krause of Original Magic Art, Rico Evangelho of Cardamajigs (@cardamajigs), and Brian Walters (@propsofprophecy).

They plan to put on a full Magic: The Gathering art exhibit featuring original paintings, sculptures, drawings, concept art, and more at GP Vegas.

It’s going to feature the planes of Ravnica, Innistrad, Mirrodin, and Amonkhet.

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